One Flat Plan You Can Count on.

The BEST flat-rate social marketing service in New England
Get your own personal social media manager for
one awesome monthly rate.




Our service includes:


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • 3-4 posts a week
  • A dedicated customer success team
  • A dedicated designer
  • $30 ad spent included
  • No contract
  • Setup each account with your logo & cover image



Source Files Included:


Editable Adobe + JPG, PNG, PDF formats included. You own everything we create!

Where Here to Help


Need some help? We have a dedicated marketing director ready for any challenge you can throw
at us

Unlimited Requests
& Revisions


Send in as many requests as you like, we'll make sure to knock it out for you!

Summing It All Up!



Process for Facebook:


3 Linked Facebook posts (image + text + link) per week, M-W-F, to the Page. These are posts that have already been created on a blog or website. If you need Content creation, please discuss this with me.


2 simple posts a week, Tuesday and Thursday, to the Page. These are simple questions, product of the week or fill-in-the-blank types of posts.


Monitoring conversations, deleting spam, and postings replies on the Page


Interacting with other targeted pages as your Page Administrator for increased visibility and Facebook Page growth once a week.  A list of these key pages to like or a keywords to find them in search is needed for this task


Change cover image once a month or agreed upon schedule




Process for Twitter:


5 Facebook Page posts auto-posted to designated Twitter account


Manually following other targeted tweeters to grow your reach.


Following a minimum of 30 new people per month targeted by keywords


5 tweets a week


Actively Re-tweeting and commenting on your behalf


Actively using designated hash-tags





Process for Instagram:


Creating a new account with the business name and description


2 photo posts per week of new products, services or offerings


A great offer based on an excess of one product or service.


Actively using the designated hash-tags


Follow 30 people targeted by keywords per month

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