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Darren Marinelli

Creative Director - aka - Peak Visual Expert

Darren leads the creative process at Summit Web Adventures. Leading clients to new heights on all digital and traditional platforms where design excellence is a must. With over 22 years of experience, Darren excels at identifying client needs on their marketing adventures and delivering expert support and steadfast execution.  Forming a succinct visual language is vital to the customer journey as they travel towards conversion.  Darren hits all the notes and delivers expert materials for all mediums across the marketing and advertising spectrum, including responsive websites, digital ads, emails campaigns, and social media.  He can also produce A-game results for signage, trade show display, video, collateral and identity packages. The work is always delivered to maximize marketing objectives and satisfy client expectations.  While not in the office, you can see Darren driving to the lane on the basketball court or creating a unique drum solo at his home music studio.

Summit Web Adventures is New England’s favorite digital design studio.  We focus on conversion strategies that have an optimal return on investment, meet client goals, and bring true value to your organization’s objectives.  Our theory is that each marketing initiative is a mountain that must be climbed. Like any expedition, a clear plan must first be put into place, and each stage of the ascent, like your project, must be executed deliberately and flawlessly.  Each new peak is a goal met, and we build your digital and traditional marketing programs to reach the highest levels of success. We have met the digital and social transitions head-on with savvy design, powerful messaging, and robust development. Summit is positioned to make your move into digital the most effective.  Our studio has over 56 years of combined experience in the practice of website design, digital marketing, traditional marketing, social media, and marketing automation.  Rest assured we will recommend the leading edge technology, flush out the right platforms to launch your messages and it will all be cohesively designed in a visual language that will mirror the most pristine mountain vista.  Join us on the path to success.

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John Mazza

Website Development - aka - Web Sherpa

John leads the website development and production process, and it’s a heavy load.  John cut his chops in some of the best local web design agencies and has over 12 years of experience building websites from scratch. Corporate and academic experience combined has given John legs of steel, and he is always ready for the heavy lifting on an amazing marketing adventure.  Whether it’s a lead-gen website on Wordpress, complex web applications, e-commerce, or your next promotional video project, John is ready for the long haul and will deliver an exceptional hand-crafted experience.  John excels at knowing the correct technology for the right result; he will get to the top of the mountain before anyone else.  John spends his free time traveling and enjoying outdoor sports, whether its heading to the beach because the surfs up, on the basketball court, or snowboarding with Phil.


Philip Ciaccio

Account Manager  - aka - Ascent Strategist

Phil leads the account management process at Summit Web Adventures. Scoping out the best route for truly game-changing marketing results and coordinating execution among the team. Each project begins with an analysis of objectives, goals, budget, and deliverables; these foundational pieces are reviewed thoroughly to ensure the success of the climb.  Making sure the team is ready, well equipped, and in-shape for the ascent ahead, Phil utilizes over 17 years of experience leading large-scale digital innovation initiatives for 3 Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of small businesses. Phil is a seasoned, creative, and data-focused marketing and technology leader; who can communicate effectively, manages project teams, and delivers innovative digital solutions and profitable direction for the mountain-ready client.   Phil is the proud parent of two young children and enjoys skiing, architectural photography, and other outdoor activities.

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